Commitment to Our Veterans

Senator Moore is committed to ensuring that Massachusetts does everything possible to care for the veterans who have sacrificed so much to defend our country.  It is essential that the Commonwealth have the infrastructure in place to deliver the services these men and women need.

During the 2014 session, the Legislature passed a comprehensive veteran’s services bill, known as the VALOR Act II. The legislation was an extension of the original VALOR Act, passed a year earlier, and improves services related to jobs, housing, education, and accessibility.

The new bill included new rules related to veteran’s employment, as more veterans return to civilian life.  One provision would require licensing boards to recognize the training received during their service, eliminating the need for redundant and costly re-training. It also takes steps to keep service members on track for their education, despite challenges posed by deployment.

With over thirty percent of veterans across the country unemployed, these steps not only fulfill our moral obligation to these veterans, they are also good economic policies.  Service members are some of our most capable and well-trained citizens, and their inclusion in the work force can have tremendous benefits. 

Senator Moore is a member of the Legislature’s Veteran’s Caucus, which brings together legislators to work on issues and legislation to benefit members of the armed services. Any veterans looking for state-level assistance are strongly encouraged to contact Senator Moore