Fighting for Seniors

As our population ages, the Commonwealth has an obligation to provide the services necessary for our seniors to live healthy, productive lives.  This includes safe, affordable housing, access to quality healthcare and, opportunities to engage in meaningful, substantive programs. Many seniors have spent a lifetime contributing to our local communities, and Senator Moore is committed to providing the assistance they need.

 Senator Moore has supported measures designed to help seniors throughout his tenure in the Senate. One of the most important programs that keeps seniors in their homes is the Senior Citizen Circuit Breaker, which provides relief to seniors whose property taxes exceed what they can pay.  Without the circuit-breaker, countless seniors on fixed-incomes would be unable to pay their property taxes without threatening their financial stability.

Recently, Senator Moore led a legislative coalition in calls for improved service to seniors who receive assistance through the SNAP program.  Despite the essential nature of the services provided, applications and renewals were delayed at unacceptable levels.

Senator Moore stays in close contact with seniors to better understand their issues, and routinely holds office hours at the local senior centers.  He also hosts social events throughout the year, to better connect with seniors and understand their concerns.  To find out more about these events, visit Senator Moore’s calendar.