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Dear Members of the Press:

Thank you for your interest in providing my office with feedback relative to our external affairs operations.  This anonymous survey seeks thoughts and suggestions from members of the press who cover the Second Worcester District and beyond.  I appreciate your time and value your input about how how to improve connecting with you and your audience.  I encourage you to take advantage of submitting additional comments at the end of the survey with tips or other ways my team can best serve you. 

As always, if you have any questions, or if you would like to get in touch, please don't hesitate to contact my office at (617) 722-1485.  You may also find the information on my website's 'Members of the Press' page helpful to you.


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State Senator
Second Worcester District



The office is responsive to my press inquiries.
The office media releases are newsworthy for my audience.
I actively follow Senator Moore on social media.
I often utilize information from the office media releases for my story content.
The quality and depth of the office media releases are adequate.
The Senator's communications staff are readily available and helpful.
The office adequately keeps me apprised of activities in the Senate.
The office adequately keeps me apprised of Senator Moore's efforts in the Second Worcester District.
Please share additional comments and suggestions about how Senator Moore's communications team can best serve you and your audience. Suggestions may include topics that you would be most interested in hearing about i.e. local issues, statewide issues, events in the District, events at the State House, statewide legislation etc.