An Act relative to reasonable notice and cure standards to protect small businesses


This legislation will establish basic protections for small businesses that are targeted by exploitative lawsuits under the ADA. The ADA is an essential protection for our disability community, but its provisions are being abused through so called “drive-by lawsuits.” This occurs when a lawyer, who is neither disabled or even a customer, drives by a building and notices a violation as small as a misworded handicap parking sign. They then file suit against the business, hoping for an easy settlement at the expense of the business owner.  The practice is becoming so common, that some are using google maps to find violations, allowing them to file even more lawsuits. This bill would simply require that before a lawsuit is filed, the business must be notified of the violation and given 60 days to rectify the violation.  This will protect business owners and the courts from frivolous lawsuits without removing the important protections of the ADA.