An Act relative to voluntary towing reform


The unlicensed nature of “voluntary” towing presents significant risks to the general public’s safety.  As it stands today, anyone can buy a tow truck and hold themselves out to be a tow company.  This legislation requires all companies – whether voluntary or involuntary - that perform towing services to hold a certificate from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU).  Currently, only those companies that perform non-consensual (public authority towing) towing services are required to have a DPU certificate, which mandates proper safeguards and insurance.  By requiring increased safeguards such as Criminal Offender Record Information, minimum insurance requirements and other standards as determined by the DPU, the motoring public will know that they are safe when a tow company arrives to tow their vehicle.  Not only will this proposal address critical public safety issues, but it will also generate revenue for the Commonwealth.  This legislation was engrossed in the Senate during the 2013-2104 session.