An Act Relative to Appellate Review


This legislation provides an alternative mechanism for appealing disciplinary cases at the Department of State Police. In particular, the legislation allows for an aggrieved party to appeal a decision of the State Police Trial Board to the American Arbitration Association instead of the Civil Service Commission. Currently, a uniformed member of the State Police with charges filed against him or her is tried by a “Trial Board” appointed by the Colonel. If a party is aggrieved by the result of the Trial Board, he or she may appeal to the Civil Service Commission. The Civil Service Commission, whose members are appointed by the Governor, will then conduct a review of the matter. Based on the Civil Service Commission’s workload, an individual may then wait for a decision from the Commission, which may take 9 mos. to 1 year or more. If this legislation is passed, there will be another mechanism for uniformed members of the State Police which most municipal police officers already have: arbitration. Typically, an arbitrator would render a decision 60 days after a hearing (30 days for litigants to file briefs, 30 days to write the decision.). This legislation simply provides uniform members of the State Police with a choice of venue – one that will result in cost savings and reduced decision times.