Public Health & Health Care

Encouraging healthy and productive lifestyles is an important way to benefit residents across the Commonwealth.  Individuals are often faced with numerous obstacles to a healthy life, from large-scale issues with our healthcare system, to the sale of tobacco products to minors.

As the Commonwealth confronts the mounting costs of opiate abuse, Senator Moore served on the Massachusetts Senate Special Committee on Opioid Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Options which released a report that led to legislation addressing the substance abuse crisis in the Commonwealth.  The legislation further limits the excessive number of prescription pills that become accessible to youth and adults for diversion and misuse.  The bill also contains provisions to hold private companies accountable for their role in the substance abuse epidemic.

Senator Moore has also been a leader on issues of safety in the healthcare workplace.  During his first session in the Senate, he was the sponsor of legislation that made it a crime to assault healthcare workers.  More recently, he has offered testimony on a bill that would require healthcare facilities to implement worker safety plans.

Massachusetts consumers have been nearly unanimous in their call for more information about how their food is produced. For the last two legislative sessions, Senator Moore has co-sponsored legislation that would require the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Moore Legislation: