Protecting Our Environment

Senator Moore has a longstanding commitment to environmental issues that began during his tenure as an Officer with the Environmental Police, where he investigated corporate environmental crimes.  His dedication to the environment continues through his legislative and advocacy work today. 

Senator Moore has been a national leader on issues concerning toxic chemical safety, advocating for the right of states and municipalities to have a say in their own environmental protections.  He testified before the United States House Environment and the Economy Subcommittee, against a federal effort that would impede the ability of states to establish their own environmental standards and policies.

Senator Moore is a strong supporter of measures to encourage clean energy projects.  He recently installed solar panels on his own roof, and is in favor of lifting the cap on net metering which will allow more Massachusetts residents to access the advantages of solar power. As a member of the Legislature’s Sportsman Caucus, Senator Moore advocates for legislation that benefits the Commonwealth’s hunters and fishers.

As a member of the Massachusetts General Court-Québec National Assembly Partnership, Senator Moore helped broker a joint resolution with the Québec National Assembly in 2015 which directs both governments to examine the possibility and feasibility of incorporating Québec’s hydroelectricity into Massachusetts’ energy portfolio.  Aside from the potential cost savings to consumers, this initiative also aligns with the Commonwealth’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% before 2050.

Moore Legislation: